Eating Disorder Therapy

This highly personalised therapy can take place over a few sessions, or may be of benefit longer term where there is greater need and where there are deep-rooted issues. Work in these sessions will be adapted to suit individual needs and to allow the individual to carve their own pathway to recovery. Sessions may include:

  • Nutritional Rehabilitation
  • Food scripts
  • Lifelines
  • Body Image Work
  • Pros and cons of change
  • Work for feelings of anger, shame and guilt
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Work to increase feelings of self-worth

I will see anyone in the grips of Bulimia Nervosa or Anorexia Nervosa (if a BMI is below 17, this will only be with GP or support from another medical professional), those with binge eating disorders or any form of disordered eating (such as orthorexia, food aversion, restricted eating), ‘faddy’ eating and ‘eating chaos’.

Anyone is welcome for appointment, with or without a medical diagnosis.

I am trained in weight loss and obesity management, using nutritional rehabilitation and psychological interventions to bring about change.

Eating Disorder Therapy is about support, education and helping you to help yourself. It is about finding enlightenment, to rediscover yourself or a new self, to walk your own walk and become your own expert. Be true to yourself and learn to flourish.

Eating Disorder Assessment Session

This enables understanding of your past and current disordered eating, advises on the type of therapy best for you now and sets a positive outcome for change. £50 in advance of first session, £75 as part of an extended first session.

Eating Disorder Therapy 

Therapeutic sessions are 50 minutes in length and usually include hand outs and negotiated ‘homework’ to complete before the next session. £55

Telephone Therapy Session with adult:

How to help a loved one with disordered eating.  If you are an adult and are worried about a child or loved one, book in a telephone appointment to discuss their needs and/ or your needs.  £45

Break the Bulimia 

Break the pattern of bulimia and the hold it has on you, in one powerful session, full of nutritional rehabilitation, personalised food plans, body image work, psychological interventions, coping strategies and hand outs full of information to take away with you.  £195 (price includes assessment questionnaire requiring completion prior to appointment).


I am an Eating Disorder Counsellor through the National Centre for Eating Disorders and can be found on their website:  

I can also be found on the national eating disorder charity B-eat website:

When you are ready to believe, start the journey. No one who recovered from an eating disorder ever regretted it.